Queen Mink Lashes


Our Queen Mink Lashes offers maximum intensity. For those who love drama, these full faux feature-heavy density and lash clusters that vary in length, for a voluminous, textured finish. These Long Smooth Mink Lashes are reusable.  

Handmade False Eyelashes are made from 100% real mink hair. Free of chemicals, it does not harm the eyes. This Intense Dense Intertwined Eyelash is a mix of wispy and voluminous (25mm). This style is fit for the Queen that likes a dramatic lash with a flare to enhance your makeup look.

  • Perfect for nights out, these standout Intense Dense Intertwined Eyelashes are sure to make a bold statement. After taking them off, rinse with a mild cleanser and water. Let them air dry and place them back in the original container for your next wear. They can be worn 10+ times with proper care!


  • The Mink Hair is so real and soft,
  • The thickness and curl of the Handmade 3D False Eyelashes are just right. 
  • Suitable for party or professional applications like wedding, event, photoshoot, night out, daily daytime Use.
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